I owe each of you a huge debt of gratitude for delivering this project and delivering it on time and to such high quality.


I really do appreciate this project has taken you well away from your family for extended periods of time on the back of delivering the last project as well.


I never anticipated this job would be easy but it is absolutely unbelievable that this project has been delivered on time and with no ripple’s on the water.


Kind Regards


Matt Lovell (CTO)
Posted Date : 01-07-2015

My Sincere Thanks

Following a successful tour this morning with numerous members of the End User’s Executive Board and project team I am pleased to announce Halls 3 & 6 are open for business.
The project has been a major success considering the extremely short build time and the exacting standards required by our client, to have achieved what we have in 13 weeks is only possible due to team work and I cannot praise highly enough the work carried out by CTS and all their appointed sub - contractors , we have spent many long hours and to have maintained the facility as fully operational with not 1 second of downtime is a testament to the skill and engineering we had to adopt during the build. We now are handing over 2 high specification Data Halls fully supported by a completely new M&E infrastructure. I believe that everyone were impressed and extremely happy with what they saw.

My sincere thanks to everyone in the team for their hard work , diligence and professionalism


Brian O'Hare (Head of DC Construction)
Posted Date : 01-07-2016