paul wardellPaul Wardell
Managing Director (British)

Languages: English French Dutch German

Over 27 years experience on major international projects, covering 4 continents
Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Company as well as the commercial activities


Client List

Data Centres:
Telecity - Pulsant - Level 3 Communications - Savvis - Rackspace - Digital Realty - Global Crossing - Exodus - Digital Island - Redbus Interhouse - UUNET - Belgacom - Verizon - WorldCom & others + USAAF - NATO / SHAPE

Other Projects:
CERN : European Nuclear Research Centre Geneva, 27km underground particle acceleration loop Chilled Water Cooling systems of multi-MW capacity, associated HVAC & Electrical installations
NATO : SHAPE (Supreme HQ Allied Powers Europe) : USAF : USACE (US Army Corps of Engineers)
ESA : European Space Agency - Arianne launch site in Kourou South America, various high-tech projects
Hospitals up to 1500 beds in Africa & Europe
Major Pharmaceutical buildings & Laboratories
Large Military Bases in the Middle East, projects in excess of US$ 100 million
Blue-chip Banks in various European and Eastern regions
Luxury Hotels in the Middle East, Africa, Europe & the Caribbean

The Company under the directorship of Paul Wardell has executed dozens of Data Centre projects throughout Northern Europe totalling well over 1,000,000 ft2 of IT space. Mostly on a Design & Build, Turn-Key basis for complete installations and from time to time the Construction Scope as well.