Safety Is no Accident

Health & Safety

health and safetyCTS promote and encourage a safe and proactive working culture to our staff, supply chain and stakeholders and work closely with our specialist consultants and advisors to stay abreast of best working practice, industry developments and current legislation.

Training forms a major part of our annual company investment and all delivery staff are fully qualified to carry out their roles in an informed, professional and safe manner. Reflective of this commitment to training and best practice is our B&ES accreditation. (See Certificate)

H+S Cert

Our Health, Safety & Environmental Policy and Health and Safety Arrangements provides the foundations of safe practice and is inducted to all staff and delivery partners. We have in place robust measures for the auditing, review, monitoring and continuous improvement of our works which include sub-contractor vetting, risk assessment and risk management.

We are proud to maintain an exemplary health and safety record well below the industry average and have zero tolerance to poor health and safety practice throughout our operations.

CTS hold Health & Safety as a core business value and is committed to creating a future free of incidents and injuries, where; to provide adequate control of the health, safety and welfare risks arising from our work.


CTS’s RAaMS (Risk Assessments and Method Statements)

CTS documents are not just generic words copied time and time again to serve as a tick-in-the-box exercise. They are produced specifically for the project and for the individual tasks to which they relate with the primary purpose of achieving individual and collective safety of the persons involved as well as the protection of the works being undertaken

CTS Safety Consultant – Simon Bannister CMIOSH - OSHCR - MIIRSM is one of the most qualified persons in the industry and is an integral member of the CTS professional site team.


The Environment

environmentWe are strongly convinced that we have to deliver a sustainable future for generations to come. CTS is committed to the protection and enhancement of the Environment and proactively pursues the minimization of environmental impacts associated with its activities, products and services.

Being at the forefront of technical innovations and designs CTS also gives particular attention to; minimize energy consumption, running costs and emissions as well as providing efficient installations.


Over a number of years CTS has developed its own detailed Environmental Protection Plan This is a 33 page - copy available on request The purpose of this plan is to present the proposed control measures, and to address the environmental issues that are applicable to CTS Ltd. The identification of these environmental issues will establish the strategy to be followed to reduce the environmental impact of operations within CTS Ltd. This plan will identify what environmental issues need to be managed during the project with respect to CTS Ltd work. Also what measures are to be taken in the instance of an environmental accident. During the duration of the project more specific assessments and analysis will be undertaken as and when required.

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT - Respect your Environment !
Where CTS work activities impact on the environment the effects of these activities shall be considered in respect to the site and its locality so that any adverse effects may be identified, evaluated and actioned accordingly. Significant activities and their impacts on site and the locality in terms of traffic, noise, water pollution, air pollution, fuel storage and waste, etc, shall be discussed with client prior to work commencement. CTS will prepare environmental procedures and guidance to meet the requirements of the client and where necessary prepare environmental method statements (impact assessments).

The major impacts of CTS work identified for most projects are:

  • Noise
  • Dust
  • Vibration
  • Waste (Controlled and Hazardous Waste)
  • Land Contamination
  • Water Pollution
  • Storage and use of fuels and oils
  • Storage and use of chemicals, eg paints
  • Construction traffic (air emissions)



Quality Assurance and Quality Control

total quality quality assuranceCTS’s name is known for its QUALITY. Time and time again it has delivered First Class quality installations and products. The exceptionally high repeat business speaks volumes about CTS’s delivering of quality.

CTS believe that most key decisions regarding Quality are made during the design and planning stages rather than during construction & installation. It is during these preliminary stages that layouts, material specifications and functional performance are decided. Quality control during construction & installation consists largely of insuring conformance to these original designs and planning decisions.

CTS always produce detailed Technical Submittals for all components. All deliveries are cross-checked for compliance.

During the actual construction / installation phases, CTS Staff spend a lot of time on Site (not just in site offices) together with the Trades persons carrying out the physical works.

So in brief CTS Quality is :

  • Fully determined at Design stage
  • Validated at Tech Sub / Procurement
  • Verified during Construction / Installation. (CTS Staff are ever present)

CTS’s QA and QC procedures are applied throughout all phases of a project and are derived from the ISO 9001 norm.

Quality means also proactive approaches at all stages of a project :

  • At design Stage, anticipating the needs of our client
  • During the works, strongly involved in all aspects such as program, health & safety, environment
  • After the works, supporting our clients in order to give him the best tools and skills for the future maintenance of his installations