Vision & Values


monitorbankCTS’s vision is for its High-Tech projects and Data Centre realizations to be foundations from which future generations will benefit and develop.

Having being involved in the development of the first generation of European Data Centres, back in the late 90’s; CTS core-team has been involved from the very early days in the creation and roll out of the ‘internet’ as it is known today.

Undoubtedly speeds and capacities will increase over the years to come and the company’s vision is that it remains a key player in the industry and at the forefront of technical innovation.



DataCenterA core value is only a true core value if it has an active influence and if the people or company manages to live by it, at least most of the time.

CTS is a family business with traditionally family values, diligence and integrity being paramount. Its genuine aim is to provide Total Client Satisfaction, not simply writing it, or saying it, but actually consistently delivering it whilst maintaining a motivated, happy and dedicated personnel all working towards that aim.

As per many professional businesses CTS in-house and project realizations also focus on sustainability and to deliver first class projects in an environmentally friendly way. A commitment to innovation and excellence helps CTS remain at the forefront of technology which in turn helps to equal or exceed our Clients expectations