Interior Fit-Out

Fit Out & Construction

rackspace fit outMore and more of our Clients, particularly in the Data Centre Business, are sourcing “one-stop-shop” solutions for their roll out programmes. This truly enhances a Fast Track delivery and drastically reduces the number of individual entities which often have no Contractual responsibilities amongst themselves but only with the end user; Co-ordination and Programming can become an issue.

Consequently, during the past five years, CTS has developed another ‘string to its bow’ in offering a complete Fit Out service.

This is a bespoke service and provides the end user with a “ready to go” solution, whereby everything up to the point of the Servers being installed, is done by CTS. Not only the Floor or Raised Access Floor, Doors, Walls and Ceilings; but every other element going into the Data Centre, Data Halls and associated Office Spaces, Reception Area and Man Traps. Entrance Gates and Secure Fencing are also encompassed by CTS giving the facilities a high degree of impregnability.

Some of CTS’s recent Data Centre projects have also included the complete Building & Civils Works. The installation of ceilings, floors, furnishings, and partitions of a building, as well as the installation of all required building services.