Turnkey - Multidiscipline

tunrkey solutions TURNKEY SOLUTIONS have been a natural progression to the main M&E Scopes and of late, CTS has been a “one stop shop” for several Data Centre Operators.

From the initial concept and throughout all Design stages and then to Procurement, Installation, component testing and IST (Integrated System Testing); CST are able to deliver the most suitable solution to fully achieve the Clients requirements


CTS Multi-disciplinary teams -- which includes the owner, designers, engineers, project managers construction manager and trade contractors --- work harmoniously in an environment to provide constant and continuous exchange of ideas and information allowing decisions to be made with full knowledge of impact on cost, schedule, quality, and other critical project goals. As and when needed, suppliers and consultants are often included in the team. By harnessing the collective abilities of the multi-disciplinary team, optimal solutions can be implemented while avoiding short-sited decisions. Each team member brings their own unique knowledge, experience, skill, and perspective to potential project solutions.

This collaborative environment allows CTS team members to look beyond their traditional roles and responsibilities. Traditional roles do not always provide the best solution for integrated teams. All team members must constantly ask themselves, who is the right team member to do this? The integrated team’s decision to assign responsibilities is based on understanding the individual team member’s knowledge, experience, skill set, and current capacity. The group also considers the most efficient way to produce the desired outcome without generating waste.

Finally, CTS’s multi-disciplinary collaboration occurs within a very fluid communication process, not the rigidly structured communication found in traditional project delivery models.